My job is to give new life to old furniture. In most cases that will also preserve family histories that are connected to these furniture pieces.

The first step in customer relationships is to provide information to the client as to the needs of the project, the limitations, the possibilities, and the costs involved to make that happen.

Antique Furniture Restoration focuses on many different aspects of the individual need of every project. Restoration includes:  reconstruction of the many different parts and components that make up a complete whole. This includes the repair and/or the replacement of those parts as needed. Carving missing segments, Lathe turning of missing or broken legs, veneer repair, caning replacement, etc. 

Every project that is accepted into my shop has my complete attention.  Each piece is a new and interesting challenge. If it needs a new finish the old finish is stripped off by hand and a new or matching color and finish is applied. If the old finish is intact but either worn or dirty, it may be advisable to clean and polish.  Each project has its’ own needs and each customer has their own wants.

My purpose is to make my clients happy and give them something from the past to showcase with pride.

Full Circle Antique Restoration
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